51 (Scottish) Bde Special To Arm Training

Exercise Scottish Bluebell II is one of 51 (Scottish) Bde's annual Special to Arm training camps that has become a well established autumn event for REME TA throughout Scotland. The training took place at Barry Buddon Training Area over the weekend of 26/28 October 2007. Once again 71 Engr Regt Wksp(V) provided valuable logistic support and Scottish Transport Regt(V) ensured that professional instruction was delivered.

The aim of this year's camp was to practice, develop and validate STA training at section level in order to enhance the operational effectiveness of REME TA personnel within Scotland.

Equipment such as a CVRT and BV206 were employed to provide realistic and challenging stands. Eight stands were deployed, each with an estimated one hour completion time. To add a little excitement and get the adrenaline going, Sgt Dave Johnston of 125 Ration Sqn Wksp(V) headed up the enemy with great enthusiasm. To introduce a competitive element two prizes were up for grabs, Best Unit and Best Individual. The relay race planned for the Sunday morning which would encompass all the skills learnt from the previous day's training would determine the winners of the best unit. The race comprised of a variation of TIRFOR Winch pulls, basic vehicle faults and the old chestnut of changing the spare wheel.
A composite team from 225 Med Regt and 32 Sig Regt LAD under the leadership of Sgt Bissot was awarded with this year's Best Unit prize and Cfn (X Factor) Sutherland of 6 SCOTS(V) won the Best Individual prize. A special mention was also made to Pte Graham 153 Wksp Coy for the most enthusiastic student, both individuals embraced the training and displayed a positive attitude whatever the task.
All soldiers showed 100% commitment to completing the tasks, displaying professionalism and enthusiasm throughout the weekend, it was this level of commitment that made the exercise a success.
Thanks go to all the support staff, without their committed effort the weekend would not have been the success it was. Particular, thanks goes to W02 Dalrymple for his excellent CP skills in co-ordinating the exercise.