"Ode To A Recy Mech"

 Who really wants to know the Recovery Mechanic?

The truth of it all is "no one". By some officers and ASM'S standards, he is an embarrassment, grubby, untidy and very sociable character who normally has a commanding hold of the English language. (esspeshully sspelling) He is outspoken and is the Black Sheep of the unit. His employment in REME takes him to all parts of the service. In doing so he makes many contacts, and for this attribute, he is the envy of those who cannot get off the shop floor to go out "swanning" if there is some scrounging to be done the first port of call is normally the 'Recy Mechs' using his vast array of contacts and friends he completes the tasks allocated to him without any thanks or appreciation for his efforts, yet he is an excellent representative for his unit.

Whilst in the unit lines, the Recovery Mechanic is never really wanted but for those arduous” dirty tasks which he can be relied upon to do e.g. mess duties, OC's driver, or RSM's work parties and guards if somebody doesn't turn up. OC's and ASM's wont take tradesmen off the shop floor to do the dirty tasks as this upsets production. He must bear the brunt of criticism from "Wet behind the ear TIFFIES" who expect full support whilst on exercise although upon return to camp he is expected to look after his vehicle on his own while his crew are poached to look after the parent unit vehicles, thus turning the Recy Mech into an outcast who is only wanted when the going gets tough.

In the field the Recy Mech is wanted by everyone by day and by night in all conditions at any hour all over the world. On the job his troubles are many, the main problem being that he has to tolerate all those "instant experts" who always seem to appear when a good recy job is to be done, most go away with their tails between their legs after being abruptly but politely told to move on.

After 20 years service what has the Recy Mech got?

Not a great deal, over that time the service has got good value for its money, but when discharged who really wants to employ a "TOW TRUCK DRIVER". Where does the Recovery Mechanic come from? Normally he is reject from other courses, or not educated enough to do the more technically demanding trades. The Recovery Mechanic is a rugged independent, reliable hardy and stout person who has the ability to do those menial tasks that no-one else is capable of doing with consistent success. In conclusion, it could be said that the Recovery Mechanic is a "Jack of all trades" and master of none that no-one wants yet every body needs to survive when things get a bit rough.