A soldier may be seen as a person who wears a uniform and carries out the normal and sometimes tedious daily duties. He/she feels happiness, sorrow, pain, relief, they have hopes, dreams and families, judged by these standards they are normal people. When the call to duty comes other deep down virtues rise to the surface and manifest themselves in the form of professionalism in the execution of their duties, acts of valour in the face of overwhelming odds and sadly the final sacrifice.
This page is dedicated to such soldiers and in particular those who form the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Northern Ireland
Sgt S C. Reid  -  L/Cpl D. Moon  -  Cfn Brian Hope  -  L/Cpl Colin Harker  -  Sgt M E. Seldon - Cfn Colin McInnes  - 

Sgt Michael Burbrige  -  WO1 (ASM) James Bradwell

Falkland Islands
 Cfn A. Shaw - Cfn M W. Rollins  -  L/Cpl A R. Streatfield

Malayan Emergency
Cfn C E. Baker - Cpl G W A. Bawden - L/Cpl E A. Bissell - S/Sgt W. Boyd - WO1 A F. Broughton - Pte C. Charnock
Capt W. Cushway
- Cfn D Hancox - Cfn J T C. Hanson - Cfn F. Harvey - WO2 A W. Kirk - Cfn C A. Legge - Cpl B C. Mc Auley
Pte W F. Mc Auley - Sgt W T. Mc Nicol-Moncur - Cfn J. Morley - Cfn S E. Robinson - WO2 P S J. Saunderson - Cpl J W. Sinclaire
Cpl N. Stobie - Cpl G. Thomson - Cpl F E. Wyles - Cfn J. Dixson - Cfn D H. James - Sgt J McHugh - Cfn G. Beck - L/Cpl D A. Drummond
Cfn L M. Gallacher - Cfn W. Greenwood - S/Sgt W E M. Harris - Cfn B. Hitchen - Cfn F J. Marles - Cfn D F. Pipe - L/Cpl C A. Smart
L/Cpl S A. Smith - Cfn J J. Turner - Sgt C B. Young - Capt B W. Stedeford - Cpl L J. Bligh - Cfn R. Brown - Cfn D. Dawson - Cpl D V. Giles
Sgt H W. Richards - Cfn T. Wright - Cfn R W. Biddle - Cfn F E. Biles - Sgt R. Burness - Cfn B. Caley
Sgt J B. Joyce - Cfn R. Parker - Cpl G E. Hodds - Cfn W H F. Johnston
Cfn R C. McFadyen  -  S/Sgt R M. Collins  -  Cpl C. Asher  -  L/Cpl G. Stanfield
Oman and Dhofar
Cpl Robert William Lloyd
L/Cpl K R. Atkinson  -  Lt M F. Bailey  -  WO2 D. Barker  -  Cpl P. Blackburn  -  Cpl J F. Bogue  -  L/Cpl G. Cumming
Cfn C D. Dannatt  -  Cfn C N. Gilligan  -  Cfn A E. Knight  -  L/Cpl A R. Wilson  -  Cpl P L. Docherty
L/Cpl F. Fair  -  L/Cpl F J. Francis  -  Cfn A B. Hallett  -  Cfn B R. Head  -  Pte C. Higgins  -  Cfn PFN. Huggett
Cfn J M. Lanagham  -  S/Sgt F. Lavender  -  Cfn C. Marshall  -  Cfn M. McAllister  -  Cpl R. Middleton
Cfn J S. Milne  -  S/Sgt W C. Nock  -  Cfn G. Palmer  -  Cfn Y. Peel  -  Cfn WCP. Rimell
Cfn D A. Smart  -  Pte G. Smelt  -  WO2 N B. Strachan  -  Cpl D J. Thomas

L/Cpl Kevin (Dinger) Bell - Cfn Anthony Richard Pike


Cpl Mark (Spud) Taylor  - L/Cpl Timothy (Daz) Flowers - Cpl Richard Thomas David Ivell - L/Cpl James McCue - Sgt Paul Connolly

Liberation of Kuwait
Maj A.J. Burch - Sgt M.J. Dowling - L/Cpl F. C. Evans

Cpl Darryl (Daz) Gardiner - Cpl Jason Stuart Barnes - Cpl Graeme Stiff  - Cpl Dean John - Cfn Anthony (Lombo) Lombardi
L/Cpl Richard Brandon - Cpl Matthew Thomas - L/Cpl Liam Tasker (ex REME VM) - Cfn Andrew Found - Sgt R L Dickson RMP (Ex REME)

The Eoka Conflict, Cyprus
Cpl G Cassells - Sgt W Darlow - Cfn D Hardie - Cfn K Heyes - Cfn F Hobson - Cfn N Hogan - Cfn I B Lamont
WO2 J E Price - Pte G L Roberts - Cfn B Shaw - Cfn L A Smale - Cfn B F Stedman - Cpl E Warren