Invincible To The Rescue By Mick Price

In July I attended a steam rally in Bridgnorth where friend and former REME Craftsman Len Crane's Fair Organ mounted on a 1967 Bedford TK lorry suffered an engine problem that rendered it un-drivable. Len did National Service between 1949 and 1951, rising to the rank of Corporal and spent much of his service in the REME workshops in Egypt.
Already at the show with my 1943 Scammell Pioneer recovery lorry Invincible, I offered to tow the Bedford the 18 or so miles back home, which was achieved without problems, although at a rather sedate pace.
Fortunately being a Sunday evening the traffic was relatively light, but some of the hills were quite steep (1 in 7 the steepest) and it was inevitable that we would cause a considerable delay.
If you were one of the 44 drivers that my son Richard counted that came past when we pulled into the first available lay-by please accept my sincere apologies.
Once home the work on the Bedford required the removal of the cab and so once more the Scammell was called upon to help. By use of the hand operated crane we were able to lift the cab off and place it on the adjacent lawn. Once Len had completed what turned out to be a more or less re-build of the engine, Invincible returned to lift the cab back on. In the event the organ only missed one booked show and now runs better than ever.
Of interest, whilst at the Bridgenorth rally I met an 86 year old REME recovery driver who drove Scammell Tank Transporters and other vehicles in Italy during the Second World War. His sons had brought him to the rally especially to see the Scammell.

Invincible tows the organ from the show ground

Removing the cab

The cab in safe hands


Leaving for home.... job done